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Zen Dog hosts outdoor Lunar Gathering in the presence of the full moon Tue. Aug. 24th 6pm

Join us for an evening of music and poetry inspired by tea and the full moon.

Zen Dog’s Tea House Gallery is hosting a series of monthly lunar celebrations with live music, art, poetry and tea tasting.

Satellite by Night is a Seattle-based trio, invoking the styles of folklorica from South America and Okinawa into improv and meditation.

Mike Antone is from the Snoqualmie Valley and will join us again.

Qigong Demonstration
6:00 to 7:00pm
Instructor Loreen Lilyn Lee will demonstrate Nei Yang Gong Qigong. She will be happy to answer questions about this ancient practice that is the foundation for Tai Chi.

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Sarah Kate Moore is the featured poet of the evening. She is a perpetual student of poetry, dance and tea. She recently graduated from the University of Washington’s MFA program in poetry and will stay in Seattle as a PhD candidate in Medieval Literature. She is delighted to be reading at a gathering in honer of the moon, which has inspired poets for millenia and continues to inspire us today.

Seattle Dispatch: A Tea House, a Gallery, and a Wizard
by Ming Holden
Tea to Go
Zen Dog House Roast – pick up a hot cup of tea on your way to work or throughout the day. The new tea station is located just inside the front door. Tea is roasted at the Tea House Gallery and water is from the Artesian well.

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Please come enjoy some organic vegi sushi with zen dog teas.
Tea Tasting
A new tea  space has been created on the first floor.  Enjoy tea tasting in the lounge with comfy couch and beautiful camphor wood root table from China, or continue up the stairs to enjoy tea in the gallery.
Other news – Zen Dog likes
Books – now available for purchase at Zen Dog Tea House Gallery Store

The Way of Tea, Reflections on a Life With Tea by Aaron Fisher
Tea Wisdom by Aaron Fisher

Original art  by Wu Wei Hai (Aaron Fisher) including scrolls for your tea or meditation area are are now available.
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New Product
Wild Purple Leaf Pu-er (2004)
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Tai Chi Class
Alex Zhang, Tai Chi Master, teaches the 83 movement Chen Style form also called Xin Jia.

Time: 9:30 – 10:30 Saturday mornings outside at Zen Dog Tea House Gallery.

Price: $15.00 per class

Qigong Class
Loreen Lilyn Lee instructs Qigong Class Tue. & Thurs. from 1:00 – 2:00 pm    Click for more info.

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Zen Dog Tea Pillow
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Qigong Class

Qigong is the foundation for Tai Chi. While Tai Chi has been described as meditation in motion, in Qigong, the feet remain more or less stationary. The goal is to replenish and store Qi or life energy in the body. Join us for tea and class on the lawn of the Tea House Gallery. Wear comfortable clothes that allow movement and shoes with flexible soles.

There are many forms of Qigong. What I practice and teach is Nei Yang Gong Qigong or Inner-nourishing Qigong. Another name for this is Medical Qigong because the founder established the Hebei Medical Qigong Hospital in Beidaihe, a training hospital and school and the only state-approved medical qigong training institution in China.

In the class, we begin with exercises to prepare the body for practicing the 12 forms of Medical Qigong. I believe that for beginners, doing these exercises alone can be beneficial. We will learn 12 forms. They are not difficult, but practice is essential and daily practice is recommended for optimal benefits. With practice, the body continues to learn and to understand the wisdom of each movement, which activates the acupuncture meridians in the body.

This ancient practice has been known to produce the following benefits: eases stress, balances emotions, and strengthens and balances internal organs.

Loreen Lilyn Lee has received training at the Hebei Medical Qigong Hospital. Contact her for more information: Classes are canceled at the Tea House Gallery until further notice.