Zen Dog’s House Roast

Zen Dog House RoastDescription

Sipping Zen Dog’s house roast, a lightly roasted tie guan yin-style tea, is like inviting an old familiar friend to the tea table.  Zen Dog’s house roast has a pleasant, naturally sweet flavor reminiscent of honey paired with an aromatic bouquet of fresh orchid.  Depending on which light you hold your cup under, this tea will appear either light green, golden, or both simultaneously.  Zen Dog’s house roast boasts a well-sorted leaf, a smooth medium body, and a pleasant fragrant aftertaste that lingers on your tastebuds and all your olfactory senses.  It’s not to be missed!

Detailed tasting notes:

Aroma: caramelized sugar and cherry blossoms

Brew 1: My first impression is of sweet honey paired with light orchid.  Sweetness lingers in the cup; the tea has a nice medium body with great aroma.  I imagine myself on a nature walk; warm golden sun filters through the lower layer of understory, and a fresh breeze hints at mountain flowers that remain yet unseen.

Brew 2: Now smooth and viscous, this tea becomes ever more enchanting as an unexpected flavor of Cinnamomum verum (true cinnamon) greets newly opened leaves with great balance.

Following golden rays as my guide, I am led out of the forest to an expansive mountain hillside blanketed in a medley of early summer flowers.  I can feel the heat of the sun with an opened heart.  I take a deep breath and set forth on my journey.

Brew 3: Crisp and satisfying, the brew remains sweet and fairly thick.  By now the consciousness of the tea and my own sense of awareness have become intertwined and deep relaxation sets in.  Leaving all sense of responsibility and worry behind, I can barely tell if I’m walking anymore — the vast expanse of field opens up into seeming infinity.

Brew 4: A light grassiness becomes present now over the tea’s floral qualities.  It’s flavor remains sweet and its body gets lighter.  Lifting slightly off of what once seemed permanent ground, I realize that my feet are no longer dependant on what’s beneath me.  I thrust my arms upward to reach the sun.  The once close mountainside is now far beneath me and the setting sun is an apt point of interest for my new journey.

Brew 5: New minerals similar to the taste of salt are brought out in this brew.  The tea starts to blend continuously with water and has a unique new essence of raspberry leaf; it remains smooth sweet and light.  I continue my flight toward the center of the sun while losing distinction between myself and the sky.

Afterthoughts and meditations:

As a tea  is brewed over and over, much like in this detailed description of a Gongfu tea ceremony, it is almost as if we are tracing flavor from the very end of the leaf back down to the stem and even the soil, in some cases.  Gongfu is unique in this way.  It can adequately document the rebirth and exchange of energy/consciousness from the physical tea leaves to our own selves in a step-by-step process that is dependent on a variety of factors, including water, water temperature, personal mood, company present, and awareness.

With the inevitable differentiation among any one of these factors, we can see how every single time we sit down to pay homage to tea/our own higher nature, it is a different moment in time, thus a very different experience.  We sit preparing tea with ever-greater awreness, but still as bystanders looking from the outside, in, witnessing the expedited life, wakeful birth, and rejoicing death of this very old, familiar, great friend.

Tea Tasting with Stephen Bonnell

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