About Zen Dog Teas

Zen Dog Teas are grown in pristine areas of China and Taiwan. We specialize in seasonal teas and select only the highest grades available. Our local tea supplier travels three times a year, Spring, Fall and Winter when the teas are the best quality, to the producing areas including the southern provinces of Guangdong, Fujian, Taiwan, Hainan, Guangxi, and Yunnan (where Pu-erh tea is famous). He sources directly from small tea estates. From several generations of tea growers himself, he has longstanding personal relationships with the growers.

Our teas are All Natural and contain no pesticides or additives. You’ll notice how superior our teas are by the taste and strength which evolve through multiple infusions. Depending on your preferred strength, you can refill your pot or cup with water numerous times to fully enjoy the body and taste of our teas. Our Quality Makes the Difference!

Tea properties are like a keyboard; high notes are yin, low notes are yang. Oolong teas begin at middle C and can go higher (yin) or lower (yang) depending on the type. Our Moon Blend and Flower teas are 'Yin"- light, little to no caffeine, and naturally fragrant. Our dark teas are "Yang"- strong, bold and have natural caffeine. These include most of the black teas. Pu-erh teas are aged for years and have many health benefits such as detoxification, lowering blood fats and cholesterol. Taste and potency increase over the aging process.

Zen Dog Teas can be purchased at the Tea House Gallery in Ballard, Seattle, here on the website, on Amazon, in Mabel Coffee also in Ballard