Tea Tastings

Please contact us to reserve the following:

Tea Tastings and Tea Dates: $35 per person for a 1.5-hour visit, offering a tea menu of 12 teas, including Dragon's Breath Chai Pu'erh, Dragon Well Green Tea, English Breakfast, Erika's Rose Tea (rose and Ceylon cinnamon), Golden Fairies (osmanthus and white jasmine), Golden Needle (a black tea), Golden Snail (a black tea), Jasmine Pearls, Moonlight White, Secret Garden (osmanthus and rose), Silver Needle (a white tea), Yun Jian Pu'erh, and ZD House-Roasted Oolong.

Includes tours of:

  • The art gallery with original watercolors by local Chinese artists, Zoulie Deng, Xianwen Liu, Ren Zhi Xian, Miao Wu, and Yuming Zhu.
  • Artifacts to enjoy
  • The room of the life-size Eight Daoist Immortals, which you can learn about here and here, with a silk kite phoenix over twenty feet long and a Qingming scroll of the Song Dynasty by artist Zhang Zeduan that's nearly the same length and depicts life along the the banks of the Bian River in Kaifeng, the Northern Song capital.
  • The Zen garden and tranquil koi pond with waterfall
  • Imported Chinese pagoda

Tea Weddings and Parties (outdoors): Zen Dog teas and tea blends included in thermos only.

Non-smoking and alcohol-free $600 for 3 hours, $700 for 4 hours

Chairs and table rental extra

25 people maximum

(Smaller parties, please contact the Tea House Gallery for more information and rates)